Security book reviews from inside the infosec industry.

About Security Book Reviews

Security Book Reviews is a site that was set up to provide personal reviews. The reviews are entirely subjective and based on the author's preferences and interests, which may or may not align with your own. There is a formal ratings system and each book is marked out of 5.

I suspect that most of the books reviewed here will be technical in nature, as I'm naturally more technical leaning. Having said that, whether you're looking for the best security books or the worst, you'll hopefully find them here.

How independent are these security book reviews?

Wholly independent. No publisher offers me books or incentives. If you're a publisher and would like to offer me review copies, get in touch and I'll declare the review copy but it won't affect the review.

What's the asterisk (*) mean?

Links with an asterisk are links that help this site by providing affiliate links. The site itself hasn't cost an awful lot to set up, but books can be quite expensive.

If you enjoyed reading a review but aren't planning on buying a book, I'd appreciate a small tip in bitcoin (see below) if you feel it's appropriate.

Who's behind this?

Steve. Sorry, that doesn't really help does it?

I break stuff at Mandalorian and co-organise 44Con. I'm also part of the dreamcats conspiracy. I decided to set this site up as I couldn't find a site dedicated to information security book reviews so I thought I'd do my own.